Integrity Professionals helps businesses succeed through effective financial organization. We strive to provide exceptional consulting services to those businesses that provide vital goods and services improving their local economies and communities.

Integrity Professionals supports small to mid-sized businesses so they can reach their full profit, expansion and market share potential. We will guide you in achieving continuous improvement in financial forecasting, people empowerment, risk management and effective marketing.

Not every business can afford the cost of having separate finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and other ‘large company’ departments. Let Integrity Professionals act as your ‘CFO for hire’ and organize your business to maximize its effectiveness without the large investment in time and money.

Get your business model and finances finally in order through learning the highly effective habits of forecasting, analysis and re-forecasting. Let our team help you develop your business and keep you working towards a clear financial goal.

– Oscar Luykenaar, MBA   Bio